Plaster Painting with My Kids

12:59 PM
We all have been looking forward to summer and now that it's here --sana may pasok nalang

So why do you feel like you are about to lose your mind when school is out and you're at home with the kids – all day- every minute of the hour?
SM Masinag is conveniently located near our place. Meaning, it's walking distance. 
Whenever we feel bored or the kids freak out because they can't handle the extreme heat , the mall is the life savior and keeping me sane. 

After my event yesterday,I grabbed my kids--literally and headed off to this mall. 
I easily saw the Painting booth upon arrival and i immediately paid for the items. 
The Plaster figurines comes in different characters. 
Each Plaster Figurines costs 75 pesos ---- 225 for the 3 of them.
The downside of using Plaster molds is that they aren't conducive to uniform paint coverage.
It's uneven or not covered too well.
There's the need of many coats plus the use of more paints to achieve the look you desire.Since it's for the kids, the only option is poster colors diluted with water.
Each were given  paint palettes and had a chance to choose the colors for the molds.
It is unlimited paint. You can ask for more if you desired to.
Ayji got a Naruto figurine.
Ayli chose Hellokitty. Like mom like daughter, lol!
Ayen's plaster mold is perfect for the Easter--an easter egg!
While they were busy doing their thing, mom was also busy doing her thang--- blogging plus texting! Ahem.
The next time you visit a mall, try to let them experience this ( Once in a blue moon ) or you can buy Plaster Figurines in Divisoria and paint with them at home-- cheaper and convenient.

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