One Fun Day with Faber-Castell

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I'm not naturally gifted enough to draw. I learned that -- way back-- when the list of school drawing projects to be done seemed endless.

I'm guilty of shamelessly paying a classmate extra bucks to finish those tasks for me. 
No matter how hard I try , the art of drawing still seems to elude me. 
But i still have immense passion for art nonetheless. 
Plus there is Scrapbooking and of course tracing can be a good alternative too, lol!

The current generation are most advantageous. 
Several art classes and workshops are sprouting like mushrooms in the city or via online. 
Everyone from serious art students to part-time hobbyists can now have additional knowledge for arts -- online or take a single class by enrolling in many flexible, innovative programs -- all taught by successful artists who help make the most of your creative abilities.

Being one of the chosen few to be part of the free workshop done by Faber-Castell two days ago in ValleVerde was truly a marvelous opportunity. Thanks to Mommybloggersphilippines!
Since I was not able to enroll them in any summer classes, my 3 kids got a little too excited when they heard about this.  
They love art. They love to draw. 
I have gazillion art tools scattered all over the house. 
As i previously stated, a bookstore is a frequent destination for us. 
We can never leave that place without buying something first. 
That includes Faber-Castell products.

Faber-Castell products for children are immediately recognizable by the bright red packaging you see on a bookstore shelf. 
You can find yourself drawn into them. 

At the workshop, the bubbly ate Aleli gave a few pointers about practicing the drawing and coloring for the young beginners.

The kids were asked to try out different ways to draw. 
Like the Single Hatching -- in this drawing technique, parallel lines are created.
Another technique is the Squiggling. In this activity , loops should be created. Or you can do crazy lines. Squiggling means a short, irregular curve or twist in a drawing.
The next one is the Contouring technique wherein you will follow the shape of the outer line again and again , decreasing in sizes. Like Matryoshka dolls!  
Each participant received an art tool for their hands-on activities. 

The best was the pencil-making activity. 
Mommies were given the chance to participate as well. 
Finally i can put up my own shop all thanks to Faber-Castell, lol!

Actually, it was a simple activity you can do it in your own home. 
This is perfect for parent-kid bonding thus bringing you closer to each other. 

There was also a fun drawing contest wherein mommies and daddies tried their chances on winning.
In this particular contest, the parent should draw the face of their partner without looking onto the paper. You just need to stare at their partner's face while drawing. Tricky but fun!

And guess who've won? :) 
The sole mommy winner of Connector Pens :)

Connector Pens have unique child safe caps that are air tight and clip pens together for easy storage and creative play.  
With durable medium tips, long cap-off time and water-based non-toxic ink using food dyes, Connector Pens are the safe and lasting solution.  
Washable from most clothing and surfaces.  
Available in a range of brilliant colours and pack sizes.

To know more about Faber-Castell products, please visit their facebook page

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