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Smart Parenting hosted once again a Baby Shower event for expecting moms who were treated to free workshops and services uniquely for pregnant women such as expert advice from OB/Pedia, Preggy yoga, Preggy fashion and beauty advice, and Food that’s best for pregnant women and their babies.

Of course, this event was attended by yours truly and it was first my first time and NO I am not pregnant. Sorry to burst your bubble,Hah! Thanks to Mommy bloggers philippines for the invite :)
But before anything else, let's give special thanks to Baby Company - The baby specialist ;  Discovery Suites - The venue partner, and Party treasures for the photo souvenirs. 
To kick off this event, Ms. Mia from Smart Parenting shared some tips for first time moms , sort of a refresher course for those who were already in their second , third, or fifth pregnancies.
I was actually waiting for the Team Kramer to emerge from the back stage ,I thought they will be hosting the event. The excitement level has skyrocketed when the gorgeous and ever bubbly Ms. Delamar Arias of the radio show The Morning Rush , showed up and graced the event instead. Forever fan here!
We all know about the traditional birthing methods done in hospitals but recently alternative methods are now practiced here in the Philippines such as Lamaze -  the more well-known natural birthing method. But then there are other alternatives like Natural birthing and Water birthing.

Ms. Delamar introduced the first speaker that gave us a glimpse of birthing alternatives in giving birth, a missionary midwife, Ms. Deborah Anne Gustafson, co-director of Shiphrah Birthing Homes.
The most important advice she shared was that women should really take care of the body in preparation to giving birth.
If your body is weak, your growing baby in your belly will be sickly as well.
She talked about the importance of Malunggay to pregnant women.
Lack of proper nutrition is the number one cause of sickness during pregnancy.
She also showed some belly exercises good for pregnant women.
According to her, Squatting is the best birthing position. She let the moms squat for a few seconds for them to experience what's like to give birth by a birthing stool!
The next speaker , Ms. Irina ,a Doula-a professional pregnancy birthing companion or coach and also a Hypno- Doula ,who specializes in using Hypnosis during childbirth talked about a different approach or view for childbirth. Frankly speaking, it was my first time to hear about hypnosis being used during childbirth. Mothers nowadays are blessed with these alternative selections that is beneficial to the body.
Ms. Betty, who also went through natural births to five children and her Doula that time was her husband, is currently a professional Doula as well who supports women in their pregnancy with the concept of a Doula though natural birth.
According to her, what's critical for natural birth is the right choice of care provider , meaning choosing doctors who are pro-natural. Back ground check is a must. And of course the right preparation ( taking childbirth classes, seminars.. etc)
I was particularly interested on what she said about giving birth using a birthing stool. Nakaupo she stated. If options are given to you, by all means choose the natural side. Our bodies were made to give birth naturally.
"Whatever we do to the child in the womb, we do to the world." She ended her speech with this quote.
Kudos to this mom who gave birth in the bathroom. She was planning to have her baby in an inflatable kiddie pool at home but to her surprise, she gave birth in the bathroom while doing her thing instead.

The next mommy speaker , ms. Monica , shocked me the most with her water birthing story. Why? 
Because she ate a part of her placenta. Yup. 
She didn't like the idea at first, but after reading and hearing all the wonderful benefits, she continued without hesitating. 
She cut a cotyledon and turned it into a smoothie. The yogurt massed the taste so no problem for that matter. One of the benefits you can get is that it has a lot of hormones and you won't fall into postpartum depression. 
If you start bleeding, this will help to stop it right away. It can actually save your life. 
She recommended to take home your placenta if you're going to give birth in a hospital. 
You can actually request for it. You can also suggest not to cut the cord yet , it is most beneficial to your kid .You have every right to tell your doctor about this. 

Fashion stylist mom for Smart Parenting , Ms. Margaux Romero -Alampay shared some fashion dos and don'ts and some basic pieces to keep in the wardrobe to help pregnant mommies survive the whole nine months and also shared a few beauty tips.
Pregnant moms enjoyed a few minutes of  Preggy Yoga session that focuses on the areas that tend to tighten up as well as on getting you breathing deep and long for the end part of labor.
Feel Good Speaker, Ms. Aiza Tabayoyong, shared insights on postpartum and how to discover your child's primary love language.
 Fun , safe games for pregnant mothers were conducted and healthy scrumptious food were served

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See you on the next Baby Shower of Smart Parenting!

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