Celebrating The Sweetest Way You Can!

6:18 PM
How do we make a celebration sweet and as memorable as ever and make it linger in our memories?

Well, this one is quite simple. For an occasion to become something special and worthy of remembering in the sweetest way possible—either with a loved one, family or friends, or in the company of good food—is to make fine wine a part of the equation.

“There is something about wines that makes us associate it with elegance, enchantment, and just about any event we can think of. You would normally see it served in light moments, special occasions and intimate affairs,” says Von De Torres, Managing Director for International Brands of Emperador Distillers.

Coming in various tastes, flavors, and with its own history, each wine has a character of its own. Almost every wine is good for any reason or season, but we have to be a bit selective when it comes to choosing a particular kind of wine that is perfect for whatever the occasion or celebration—something red, sweet, light, and different.

Crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards, Rossi Sweet Red is bursting with flavor and aroma and is the perfect companion in any celebration.

“All the flavors of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry come together in a deliciously sweet complement of fresh fruit and a velvety soft finish of Rossi Sweet Red. A real sweet red wine that is perfect for those special moments,” she explains.

You have red, sweet, and light in Rossi Sweet Red and it also gives you an experience that is very different.  Have it in a stem-less wine glass over ice—the best way to savor its sweetness.

While one may think that adding ice on wine will compromise the taste, it’s in fact the opposite. De Torres assures that ice on Rossi will bring out the flavor, makes for a smoother finish, and the taste stays perfect even if the ice melts.

"It's perfect for long conversations, spirited discussions, festive merriment, or when celebrating even those personal triumphs," De Torres says.

Rossi Sweet Red can easily be paired with nearly any kind of food. Whatever food you’ll have in every celebration, be it homemade or gourmet special or decadent cakes and chocolates, it will definitely complement with Rossi’s different kind of sweet.

Celebrate the joys of life by fixing a glass of Rossi Sweet Red and make it sweeter and meaningful on the rocks. Rossi Sweet Red is what you bring out when you don't know what lies ahead in your special occasion.

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