Sam Concepcion is Chef's Noodle's Newest Kapamilya!

Yes, you read it right.
Chef's Noodle , the new favorite go-to restaurant for hearty Korean dishes welcomed it's newest endorser Sam Concepcion.

At the press launch last April 10, they said he is the perfect image model--young, vibrant, he can sing, act and dance all at the same time.
Versatile. All around.
Sam is the newest addition to the roster of celebrity endorsers of Chef's Noodle, including TV host Grace Lee and gorgeous couple Lloyd and Shampcey Supsup-Lee.
Upon arrival, the place was already jam-packed with friends from the media and bloggers alike. Everybody seemed to be pretty excited and all set to bombard him with questions in all sides.
 While patiently waiting for his appearance, a Korean lunch buffet was waiting for us hungry participants.
Although I felt a bit awkward standing in a long buffet line wherein I was at the end of it, I really did not mind.
The first international master franchise of the Chef's Noodle brand from South Korea, the restaurant is fast becoming a diner's haven for those who want a taste of the land of K-POP and Kimchi and such.
Offering a wide array of mouth-watering food choices, Chef's Noodle boasts of dishes specially crafted by no less than the award-winning Korean celebrity chef CHOI In SUN.

Among the must-try menu items are the Starking Fire Sushi which was also served to us, Bibimbap , Haemul Seafood Pajun ( Korean pancake with shrimp and squid, spring onions and bell pepper ) , Leek shrimp Twigim , Chicken Kas ( Breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce ), Spicy dukbokki , Japchae and desserts such as icecream and gelato.
"I am truly honored to be part of the Chef's Noodle team" , says Sam.
"The restaurant has been known for it's delectable dishes and high culinary quality. Who would not want to be associated with that?" he explains more.
Sam is really fond of korean dishes--a big carb eater actually--mostly noodles and of course Bibimbap.
His top choices are Chef's Noodle, Sushi, Bibimbap, Jiampong and noodle again.
Aside from family , friends and neighbors, he comically told the media that everybody can experience and enjoy the dishes including the dogs.
"Korean culture is becoming big here in the Philippines. You can that in the food industry , the tv shows, MTVs , and it's already a part of our everyday lives. Chef's Noodles serves good quality and healthy Korean food , as a fan of Korean food myself , i really hope i could inspire others to experience the kind of food they have here at Chef's Noodle".
Bringing a special someone is also included in his list. Yes, he would definitely bring Jasmine Curtis. Despite the controversial confrontation happened between him and jasmine's sister Anne Curtis, all's well with them and they are still together. There were some adjustments but everything else is fine.
 He explains further that he did not feel hurt after. He understands completely where Anne is coming from--an overprotected sister--even though he was not expecting the incident.

The Present, The Future
He told the media that this year is starting out really great for him. During the first quarter, he accomplished more than he was expecting to accomplish. He is seen in soaps like Mirabella with Julia Baretto and the teleserye is said to be doing really great. Of course you can see him in MyX as well. 
"It has been a great year for my music-- the best year yet . There some unexpected projects like the soap, the concert  which was a huge success--it was better than expected."
 People in the industry has compared him or better yet, said, he's the next Gary V.
"Well, everything will happen in due time. Gary told me well, if you go the right way, you will accomplish everything well. When i heard that from sir Gary V, i got really inspired. "
Sam's manger, Carlo Orosa said that they are cooking up another big production this October--it is actually a birthday concert for him.
"It is gonna be a heavy song and dance concert . We feel that there is nobody else in this generation that can do both sing and dance and act at the same time. Bukod tangi
We are putting a lot of pressure to him right now. We are partnering with great collaborators. The set will be very very different and it will be directed by Paolo Valenciano. So we are looking forward to the whole process."

Sam thanked the fans for the full support. He said that it is really the fans that kept him going---that he is still in this industry.

"Sam's cool and casual personality as well as his vibrant energy perfectly captured the fans and the brand as well. 
As a fairly new player in the food industry here in the Philippines, Chef's Noodle is indeed a rising star--just like our new endorser Sam." says Nancy Go - Chef's Noodle operations manager.

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Visit their branches at
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Robinson's Magnolia ( 6567033 )
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Soon to open --- SM Megamall

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