A Cafe in Tuscany with a Twist #BookAndBordersCafe

It's really not hard to get excited these days with all those unique cafes sprouting like mushrooms that provide more than just a place to enjoy hanging out with friends and family over a cup of coffee or tea.
Like this newly-opened cafe in Tuscany Upper Mckinley at the Fort, Taguig, that caters for coffee and book lovers like myself.
Situated in the city packed with bars and clubs, this cute spot is a sanctuary to those who seek a quiet and reserved atmosphere from the constant bombardment of urban life.
Whoever thought first of "concept cafes" is pure genius.
While most of the people I know who love to read novels and romance prefer to just stay home all day, others (including me) choose to go to cafes instead to read or work. Since my heart can no longer handle the effects of caffeine, I will just enjoy the aroma of coffee in cafes as it provides the same effect...an instant lift(of senses).
I first met the cafe's brand ambassadors and book lovers themselves, Karylle and Benjamin Alves earlier last year at the opening of the first branch of Book and Borders Cafe located at 281 Tomas Morato, corner Scout Castor near 7-eleven. See my post here
Both promoting the place to flourish on their free time, the duo proved to be a strong pair with a pleasant approach on their guests. Encouraging them the habit of reading as well as indulging in one's love for coffee.
That's what we'll have to look forward to in the new space in Mckinley. From what I've seen, Book and Borders Tuscany should live up to its name, becoming a go-to for city dwellers looking for the perfect book and coffee haven.
Now with a second floor. The huge windows will flood the main area with sunshine by day and gorgeous streetlights by night. And the guests will be taken on a journey with healthy drinks and meals that are exclusively crafted at Book and Borders cafe.

"I'm so ecstatic that there's finally a place for people like us. It's cozy and inviting, and you won't get too distracted like in crowded cafes," shares Kapuso artist and budding poet Benjamin Alves.

"What I love about Books and Borders is that there's always something new to discover because they update their library," shares Karylle, a self-proclaimed bookworm and travel books collector.

Since I love taking pictures using my ever reliable Samsung Note4, I made each and every corner of Book and Borders Cafe my photography subject. And No, you cannot give negative comments on my photography skills as I'm not a pro yet. But I enjoyed each and every shoot.

 A little bit unclear because I was moving while taking this photo. Sorry!

 Of course, the bestsellers are not limited to books on the shelves, you can find them on the menu as well.
I remember enjoying the taste of Tuyo Pasta at their Timog branch. Recently at their Tuscany branch, Chef Dennis Apostol, Chef consultant at all Book and Borders Cafe branches, came up with yummy healthy meals and drinks like seafood meals and juices with Turmeric and Ginger, which are good antioxidants for the body. 2 more additional pastas and 2 more sandwiches are on the way. They will have additional rice meals as well.
 I initially ordered for a Ginger Turmeric Iced Tea, but since it was not still available, I opted for their Raspberry Ginger Tea instead. It's not so sweet.
The next time I visit this place, I will definitely have a taste of their Toblerone Cake which is priced at 188 pesos per slice.

BBQ Liempo
Pork Belly marinated with their very own BBQ sauce, grilled to perfection, served with rice

Tamarind Lemon Grass Chicken 
Grilled Chicken Leg Quarter Marinated In Tamarind Lemon Grass Sauce , and served with Rice

Chicken Parmigiana Au Gratin Over Creamy Pesto
Freshly Made Pasta with a delicious Cream Sauce made of Fresh Basil Leaves, Locally sourced Nuts, Olive Oil, and Cream. Topped with Deep Fried Chicken Breast Fillet covered in Panko Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese with Creamy Cheese Sauce. 

Shrimp Salad in Ciabatta Sandwich 
Freshly Sauteed Shrimps on toasted Ciabatta. The dressing is made from Shrimp Stock, Mayonnaise, Salt and pepper and some spices. Lettuce and Vine-ripened tomatoes are added for taste and texture. 

Tuna Apple With Gratinated Cheese Sauce in Ciabatta Bread
Tuna Sauteed with Garlic and Onions with Cream Cheese sauce, served Au Gratin. The dressing is made from Mayonnaise, Onion, garlic, with sliced apples , lettuce and tomatoes. 

Of course, as I've mentioned earlier, aside form their famous brewed coffee and cold coffee-concoctions, you must not forget to sample their array of refreshing smoothies, calming teas and juices :)

Book And Borders Cafe
281 Tomas Morato Street, Diliman Quezon City 
Unit RC-RCM, RD-RDM, BLDG. 5, Tuscany, Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 


  1. The place looks lovely! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. It is a lovely place!
      Thanks for dropping by,sis:)


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