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How much do you know about Glutathione?

Weeks ago, I received an email, inviting me to attend a beauty/medical event--about the effects of Glutathione.
Though I took up pre-med in college, I never really knew about the dangers and effects of Gluthathione, until I saw celebrities in the news injecting themselves with it.
I researched Glutathione a little bit out of curiosity, and found a study that
it's not all about the whitening effect but more like the overall health and well-being. People with low Glutathione levels are usually found in the elderly, in those with AIDS, cancer, and poisoning. Elderly people with higher Glutathione levels were found to be much more likely to live past 100.

You could actually benefit from supplementing Glutathione because it will gradually improve not only your cellular health and function, but it also protects and repairs the DNA as well. How cool is that?
What I do like is achieving a good skin quality with Glutathione.

But did you know that not all Glutathione is made equal?
During the event, the guest dermatologists shared some expert advice on how to spot a good and effective Glutathione and how to really use the product.
It usually takes a good amount of trial and error and expense for us to sort through what we're really looking for to find a better product.
These experts explained that some of the products doesn't really absorb well at all in the body, however, there are known Glutathione which can be absorbed 80% by the body.

To those people who love using bleaching lotions and creams to make the skin whiter and fairer, did you know that topical creams with Hydroquinone can always lead to irritation, redness, and even hyperpigmentation?
Isn't that scary?
You're looking to whiten your skin, and you think this bleaching agent in the creams and lotions will help you, but the end goal, it burns you and makes you darker. You have to be sure of the quality of the products, otherwise , you'll only compromising your health.

There are so many options that you can choose to whiten your skin. But, there are always risks involved to it as well.
Glutathione by IV, now that's one scary thing to try. You can actually die from having allergic reaction after injecting yourself with it. Let me remind you that it is not approved by the health department here in the Philippines or all over the world.
Glutathione indeed is a powerful tool that can also be found in the body which helps fight toxins and stuff. It is said to be the mother of antioxidants that keeps you young and healthy.
Thiocell does all that. Making your skin EFFECTIVELY brighter and more radiant than any Glutathione products out there. Why? Because it is in lozenge form that has optimal absorption.

The grape-flavored lozenges are easily dissolved in the oral cavity, as all the active ingredients enter the systematic circulation intact , thus, ensuring the highest efficacy.

Your usual Glutathione capsules you bought from the pharmacy, once ingested will only pass through several organs like intestines, stomach .. which make it less effective.
Thiocell, on the other hand, immediately absorbed into the body through the oral cavity.
Try it now.
By the end of 8th week, you will have a lighter and fairer, with nice nails, brighter complexion, and even gorgeous hair.
This has proven to be safe for people with asthma, skin and hormonal problems.

Now, I'm trying hard not to panic because soon I will letting go of my fear by trying out this product myself.
Come back in 2 months, and I'll have an update regarding this by then.

You can grab your first bottle at
Per bottle is P2,600 and it has 30 lozenges enough for a month of recommended daily intake.

Thiocell USA
(02) 724 4096

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