Science Fun at Montessori De San Juan

Science and Math for me are always considered as hard and boring subjects ,unless you’re a student at Montessori de San Juan.

Each year, a Science and Math Fair is conducted at the school’s grounds that gives the students an opportunity to showcase and display their interest and knowledge on the said subjects.

Students from all levels put up their booths and call people over so they can explain their science experiments.
Pre-schoolers excitedly explain what density is and demonstrate by dropping an egg in salt water.
There were grade schoolers who talked about how different chemicals can produce different colors of flame when introduced to fire.

It’s truly amazing how these concepts come easily to these students at such a young age, when some of the topics are introduced at higher levels in standardized schools!

Montessori de San Juan prides itself to be one of the pioneer schools that promote Montessori education.
This is an education philosophy made popular by Maria Montessori in the early 19th century, where children’s learning abilities and learning speed are prioritized over anything else.

Run by Ms. Sandy Arellano, she boasts that Montessori de San Juan not just implements the Montessori method of education, but also incorporates a more progressive approach to education.
"This way, the children can learn on their own pace," Ms. Sandy explains.
"We have students with different kinds of learning capabilities: some are visual learners, some are tactile learners, and our teachers make sure that all of the students are given the attention they need. This is also why our classes have only a few students, so the teachers can give each one the education they need."

If you wish your children to be on top, let them join the family of Montessori De San Juan, now accepting applicants up to Senior High School.

Enrollment for all levels for school year 2016-2017 is until May 31.
For more information about Montessori De San Juan, call 239-1102/725-6306, or visit their website at

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