What's in my #Oishi Surprise Box?

It is always such a treat whenever you enter the house and see a package, a box, or a mail waiting for you, I mean, you know Christmas is still months away and it's not even your birthday, then you see the items, happiness takes over.
The very idea of a surprise mysterious package is so much fun. Especially if it's from the brand you love.
I was feeling pretty miserable a few days after Ayen's birthday because we were supposed to go somewhere special. But since I was down in the dumps, we decided to stay home. Then this came.

Yes, it was absolutely pure fun to receive a HUGE surprise box from Oishi, but the fun part really was to see my kids enjoying the experience of opening and discovering the products inside!

 When the kids opened the box, 3 foil balloons pop up and surprised all of them.
Oishi will introduce not one but 3 brand new yummy snacks that'll make your 2016 crunchier and even more exciting! We're so ready for Summer with these awesome snacks!
This "Ang Wala Ka Nang Hahanapin Pang Notepad Everrr notepad set definitely caught my eye. For you it maybe simple, but this can be a great gift to anyone and I would love to have this on my desk to organize my life, as well as tickle the funny bones of everyone who will see this.
The perfect pad to help you express yourself and get things done, with hilarity in between.

This Summer will be a perfect one as long as you have this new Oishi Mobsters Caramel And Cheese Popcorn at your side. Since there are lots of new blockbuster films both local and Hollywood productions to be launched this 2016, what a better way to watch them than with this yummy treat,right?
This Chicago-style snack is a great mix of sweet caramel and savoury cheese flavor, a superb blockbuster movie-time companion.
 Another yummynew snack from Oishi is the all-new Pea Pow Garbanzo Stick Crunch Snack!
A hot and spicy garbanzo snack made from chicpeas, a well-known superfood.
The crunchy stick is not only tasty, but is also packed with fiber and protein, making it the perfect mid-day snack :)
 Lovers of the classic fish cracker will be thrilled to discover Oishi Fishda Kropek, an ever-pleasant surprise as the salty snack was made to taste exactly like fishballs, an all-time Filipino favorite.
Our favorite Oishi classics (such as Oishi Prawn Crackers, Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips, Marty's Cracklin' Vegetarian Chicharon, Oishi Bread Pan, Oishi Smart, Oishi Ridges, Oishi Potato Fries, Oishi Oheya!... ) will always have a special place in our hearts, but what is life without trying anything new and exciting, right?
For sure, fans of Oishi like us are to be kept on our toes this year as Oishi continues to bring out new and innovative snacks for all of us!
This is only the beginning, as Oishi always has new snack-ideas cooking. With that, 2016 is a surefire fun and tasty journey, especially for my kids!

Indeed, the most heartfelt gifts are the ones that truly take us by surprise. But being thoughtful alone is the most wonderful gift you could give to anyone.

Thanks, Oishi!

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