End Your Shaving Nightmare and Win your EL Nido Dream Getaway from #DoveDeo

The world is finally changing.
Gone are the days when women would just wear long sleeves to hide their forever dilemma - dark underarms.
Having dark pits often ruins your wish to show off the sleeveless dress or the chance to win a contest..
There are several reasons why it becomes darker and one of them is actually
shaving your underarm.

I remember my professor in college, who is also a dermatologist, explained to us back then that there is no scientific reason behind why a person has dark underarms but the fact is that mostly all joints are dark. So I really thought mine was normal. And kept on relying my pits to shaving because it's just my daily thing. Yes. Daily! Then eventually, it became darker and miserable after having kids. 
The skin looked so irritated all the time because of shaving and then using the wrong kind of deo.  I thought I'd stick with it if it made me sweat less, thinking it would also lessen the darkening. It didn't. I wanted to finally give up the razor. But I just can't.

SO, what to do?
With gazillion things a mom do in a day, we really need all the help we can get. 

At the #DoveGoShave event held at The Greens in Greenbelt 5, I learned a lot from the experts about how to really take care of the underarms. It is one body part we're all anxious about, right?

What most of us don't realize is that with shaving, you're not just taking the hair off, 1/3 of your underarm skin gets peeled off as well and it gets damaged. The skin in the underarm is very delicate. And because it's sensitive, you have to be more careful handling it. By moisturizing the area, you're actually lessening the friction between the shaver, the blade , and your skin. The irritation caused by frequent shaving can lead to inflammation or redness of the skin, that will eventually lead to darkening of the spot. 
Now, you can say adieu to shaving nightmare, thanks to Dove.

Dove is one brand that really believe giving us women real beauty through real care. From our hair, to our skin, and even as delicate part-- our underarms, Dove indeed can take care of our body well. 
At the event, there were Dove girls from all over the Philippines who also shared their responses to a question through a fun survey online.
Celebrities like Kelly Misa, Dani Barretto, and Saab magalona shared their shaving stories as well.
We were given a chance to customize our own #DoveDeo Care Kit, which contained items such as a shaver, shaving cream, a complete collection of Dove Original Deo products, a mirror, and a sleeveless top, among others. 

And because Dove wants more women to share the care and their #DoveDeo stories, we were able to personally mail a #DoveDeo Care Kit to my mom! She finally received her kit just now :)
You can get this limited edition fab #DoveDeo pouch for FREE when you buy the Dove Deo Roll-On or Aerosol. 
Not only that, You plus 2 of your friends will have a chance to win a fab #DoveDeo Getaway to El Nido, just by redeeming the code inside to join the raffle!
Remember, only #DoveDeo has a unique 1/4 moisturizing cream that really takes good care of your underarms. 
So, go ahead and try Dove - the most recommended deo by dermatologists


Have a great day! God bless :)

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