For Women's Month : How To Really Take Good Care Of Yourself (And Your lady Bits) #GYNEPRO

I once read this somewhere : "Who will take care of us moms?"

Since it's the women's month, I'll share this to you.
I have been in "full steam ahead" mode since I had children and lately I felt I'd burned out myself from too much stress. Day sleeping was all I ever wanted, you can't even make me take a shower.
In the back of my mind I hear myself say that I have achieved something great, like my children. But most times, I feel like a huge failure to my family. And because of this, I started to become cranky and would not take care of myself. I thought, what's the point?

But I'm so blessed to have an understanding husband and great friends, reminding me that the world is beautiful, and that I am beautiful.
Each of their message for me brings a peaceful understanding  that everything need not be perfect .
"Take good care of yourself and be gentle with it" is something that I need to do first and stick to my head in which, at the time I could not comprehend the statement at all.
Just like what GynePro wants me to do. Wants us women to do.

GynePro's wants to educate more women about how to care, not just of ourselves, but of our lady parts as well.
Most women are reticent when it comes to asking questions about the private life, more so the private area, so GynePro wants to empower us women by spreading the knowledge on how to take charge of our health.

Here are some of the intimate questions you are all longing to ask, together with totally
straightforward answers that’ll promise you proper intimate care.

How do you take good care and properly wash of your lady bits?
Be gentle but deliberate. 
The point of washing the intimate area is to keep it irritation-, itchiness- , and infection-free. 
Wash around and outside the vagina everyday, gently cleaning the folds and your vulva. 
Then, rinse off well. 
The vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural vaginal secretions, so don’t worry about it. Just make sure that the outside of your vagina or your external genitalia/ vulva is cleansed properly and regularly.

GYNEPRO TIP : Washing at least once day is pertinent . During red days, though, washing more than once a day, with a potent but gentle cleanser like Gynepro , will be helpful to further prevent bacteria build-up that may lead to infection. 

What causes itching in my nether region?
While infections, inflammation, and other ailments may cause downthere itching, it is not uncommon for women to experience slight itching during menstruation as well. 
Because of the blood, your vagina and external genitalia/vulva may even be prone to more bacteria that may irritate the skin, causing it to itch. 
This may be due to simple reasons like not changing your sanitary napkin as often as you should, the drying of blood in your nether region, excessive sweating, or even missing out on
your use of a requisite vagina-dedicated intimate wash. 
What you need is a potent but gentle wash with tiptop antiseptic properties, perfect for period days.

GYNEPRO TIP : There are times when intervention is needed to reduce the bacterial load in your vaginal area, especially during your period. 
What you want is an intimate wash that cleanses you effectively.
Studies show that while others may be effective against usual vaginal microorganisms, Gynepro takes vaginal hygiene a step further , providing at least double the cleanliness, while still maintaining a healthy balance down there. 

What in the world is pH balance? Why do I have to take care of my pH down there?
To put it simply, pH balance is the state of acidity and alkalinity of your vagina and external genitalia/vulva at any given time. 
Think: It’s almost like the environmental conditions of a certain place, only this time it’s of
your sweet spot down-there. 
Maintaining the normal pH Balance of 3.8 to 4.5 in the external genitalia or vulva makes sure that your lady bits flourish and function healthily. 
If the pH balance of your external genitalia/vulva is disturbed, this can lead to infection and inflammation.

GYNEPRO TIP : Steer clear of harsh soaps and cleansers; they wreak havoc on your vagina’s and vulva’s healthy
pH levels. Instead, opt for a feminine wash that promises proper pH care for everyday use (like
pH Care) and amp it up with a top antiseptic wash, like Gynepro , during your red days, when
your external genitalia/vulva need extra pH pampering. 

Why is it important to make GYNEPRO your best partner?
  • Superior antiseptic feminine wash with Chlorhexidine digluconate, proven to be the safest and most effective antiseptic intimate wash out in the market.
  • 2x fast-acting and longer-lasting protection
  • Hard on harmful organisms, but gentle on skin
  • Does not stain the skin
  • OB-Gynecologist–tested and recommended
  • Supplements your daily feminine wash with extra care when you need it
  • For use during your red days to ensure antiseptic cleanliness and protection

If you are in dire need of an emotional overhaul, seek others in a similar situation, with whom you can share your worries and find mutual support, so you will become the stronger and the happier person you really are.

Just like GynePro.
All GYNEPRO wants is for you to own your femininity and all its amazing intricacies. 
Women should arm themselves with knowledge and take a step towards a healthier not just down there but a healthier, happier overall you as well.

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