Press Release: KidZania Manila Now Offers B.KidZanian Program

Children with exciting dreams and great imaginations can now do even bigger things at KidZania Manila, a hyper real, kid-sized city where kids can enjoy role-playing various careers. There is also another way to bring the fun of learning to a whole new level at the play city where kids rule—by signing up with the B.KidZanian program.

What is this program all about?
B.KidZanian is KidZania Manila’s loyalty program that allows kids to become KidZania citiZens and enjoy maximum fun while earning great rewards. As citiZens, kids can acquire new skills and take on more responsibilities, learn how to work together with other kids, share their skills and values, and become leaders and better citiZens.

During every visit, citiZens can earn additional kidZos and enjoy discounts when they redeem items in the Department Store, or purchase souvenirs from the National Stores.  They also accumulate stamps when they work in establishments, enabling them to move up to the next level of citiZenship.  The B.KidZanian program has three citiZenship levels—Naturalized, Distinguished, and Honorable.

The first Honorable citiZen—the highest level of citizenship at the play city—is 12-year-old Doenne-Nyelle Torreno of the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong.
“I like visiting KidZania Manila because it’s not like other entertainment destinations for kids,” he said. “There, I can make decisions and do what I want, build self-confidence, and make a lot of new friends.”  

An aspiring pediatrician and basketball aficionado, Doenne-Nyelle lists the Baby Care Center and Stadium among his favorite establishments. 
“They teach us how to hold a baby properly, how to clean and take care of them,” he said.
“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor who helps others, especially those who don’t have the financial means to go to the hospital.” 

Doenne-Nyelle added that being an Honorable citiZen makes his visits to KidZania Manila even more fun, as he enjoys the ultimate benefits of being one.
These include receiving extra 6 KidZos per salaried activity, paying 6 kidZos less for activities that require payment, enjoying 15% discount when purchasing souvenir items in the National Store, and  paying 15 kidZos less when redeeming an item from the Department Store.
What’s more, he is also eligible to join the KidZania CongreZZ, a community of leaders who help design the next-generation experience at KidZania.

Enjoy the perks of becoming a citiZen  
There is a one-time processing fee of Php 250 to get a B.KidZanian PaZZport. See my first post HERE.
As soon as they are enrolled in the program, kids become Naturalized citiZens and receive an official PaZZport.
Each time they “work” at an establishment at the play city, they earn a stamp in their PaZZport.
If they accomplish a salaried job, kids get two extra kidZos for completing the job.
If the activity requires them to pay, they will save 2 kidZos from the usual fee.

In addition, Naturalized citiZens get 5% off any merchandise at KidZania’s National Store and pay 5 kidZos off when they redeem an item from the Department Store.

When kids earn 30 stamps in their PaZZports, they advance to become Distinguished citiZens and a new paZZport is given for free.  
This allows them to earn four extra KidZos per paying activity and save 4 kidZos for activities that require payment.
They get a bigger discount at 10% and save 10 kidZos when redeeming tokens from the Department Store.

Earning 60 stamps upgrades a kid’s status to Honorable citiZen, which allows the kid to get the same perks as Doenne-Nyelle.

Let your kids experience what it means to build a better world by becoming a proud citiZen!
The more activities kids complete, the more benefits they earn and the more fun they have on their very next visit.

For more information on this program, visit and choose KidZania Manila.

Parents may opt to register their child online and present the payment at the KidZania Manila PaZZport Office, so that a photo of their child can be taken, and the paZZport can be issued right away.

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