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"Happiness is not ready made, it comes from your own actions" - Dalai Lama

I remember a co-blogger once told me I was getting bigger and asked me if I was pregnant, I immediately started to panic. My first thought that day: "Did I wear the wrong outfit or did I eat too much sweets again last night that made me look bloated today?" That was the last thing I’d been expecting to hear from anybody.
Laziness has hit me big time and it's already a struggle to look halfway presentable when I go to events, "nice" maybe isn’t even on the plan subconsciously.

With a youngest son who is nearing the 8th year mark, I’m feeling much more "mom" (granny I think would be better. LOL) than "woman" these days. Also, I've had several medical dilemmas since my 3 were born. So with my once "seductive" (lol) body now serving a motherly role, it's absolutely difficult to make a transition to "nice", let alone sexy.
Honestly, plenty would insist I'm not obese or big but I do feel oversized and plumpish on all corners, in the inside mostly (see image below ).
I'm not in any way, trying to be conceited but I was in pretty good shape up until my 30's. One of those instances where I never thought I was in good shape or looked good until I became this blob(and wishing for my sexy legs back then).
I NEVER workout.
The fact that I was constantly on the move with friends and my then babies was enough to keep me in good shape. I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and still maintained my shape.
Now, the damage has been done and my once sexy body now comprised mostly of FAT. Oodles and oodles of it.
With all of that being said and since summer is fast approaching, with the beaches almost crowded, my ultimate #HappinessGoal is achieving a sexier, healthier MOM Bod that can be flaunted on the beach. I despise cardio, especially surgeries but I have to be in shape before the month of MAY comes in.

ALLURA is all you need.
This is one place where you can find the latest and most economical way of losing weight and contouring your body.
Losing weight is effortless nowadays, with fast results, all you need to do is to consult your friendly neighborhood cosmetic surgeon.
But before the impressive talk about Allura, we were given the chance to have our own caricature taken. Thanks to KARiKATYUR. PM me if you need to contact them.
 If only she could take away all my fats just by stroking her drawing pencils and using her erasers. 
So, what is this Allura and why many celebrities love it?

Conceptualized through the joint effort of a group of elite professionals who have pooled their individual knowledge, expertise and extensive experience of almost two (2) decades in the beauty enhancement and slimming industry, ALLURA provides the means to making sure to achieve a slender figure and flawless beauty goals.
They totally understand our losing weight hurdle.
ALLURA offers individually designed NON-SURGICAL medical aesthetic treatments to help their clients look better and feel better without having to undergo risky surgical procedures thus achieving the body goals everyone deserves to have.

Their treatments are all non-invasive and safe, which means NO injections, NO surgery, and NO scars.
I'm quite nervous and excited at the same time to try ALLURA and achieve my previous figure but because they don't do surgeries, I think my heart is ready.
More and more customers like showbiz and non-showbiz clients have attested that not all promises are meant to be broken because in ALLURA, they just turned their “dream body” into a reality.

Like our Miss World Philippines 2011 Second Princess, Chloe Dauden for example, said that Body Rejuve Tripollar is her favorite treatment in ALLURA. She is doing it at least once a week.

“Body Rejuve Tripollar really helps in slimming and toning my stomach, arms and thigh.” Dauden said.

This treatment helps improve stretch marks, reduces fats in certain areas, melts cellulite and tightens skin. Same with Needle-less Mesotherapy which uses ion wave technology as it opens up the pores of the skin, giving the body time to get all the nutrients from skin care products.

Ara Mina and Christine Reyes, the renowned sisters in Philippine show business are also just some of the living proof of how ALLURA fulfilled its promises.
For Ms. Ara Mina , it's the Thermolipolysis treatment for her and I think I would try that as well.

"Thermolipolysis is my favorite treatment, I lost 11 pounds in just a short period of time," shared Ara.

Thermolipolysis uses cutting-edge thermal heat and infrared technology to burn as much as 900 calories per treatment of 30 minutes.

You are put inside a hi-tech "capsule," so you can literally lose weight equivalent to 3-7 km. energy expenditure of running while lying down. It actually burns as much as 900 calories per session. More than that, it increases the metabolism, reduces water retention and stimulates body circulation.

OOOh!! I'm sooo looking forward to try their UltraShape Machines to tighten the upper arms and eliminate fat on the tummy part and flanks.
It is really hard to lose weight especially when you're already on you mid 30's. Hard work with dedication is always the key. I have to remind constantly remind myself that my body is not getting any younger, that I NEED to cut out all junk, but we know that isn't enough. I have to try ALLURA as soon as possible and will share my experiences here.

What's good about ALLURA?

  • ALLURA commits to upgrade and embrace new technologies in Slimming and Skincare and non-surgical procedures of the highest standards of quality. 
  • It is totally safe. No contraindications they say
  • Affordable and accepts installment as payment ( I cannot tell you the rates but I can guarantee you that they;re super affordable compared to others)
  • Uses high-end machines. No replicas. All authentic. 
  • Health issues can be addressed like Hypertension, Arthritis, Diabetes, and such. In fact, 1 treatment used for RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) is Thermolipolysis. Good circulation of blood from the heat will challenges the body to perform well.

ALLURA will continuously provide innovative programs and services and are dedicated to cleanliness, safety, and providing an environment conducive to their clients’ health and well being.

Now, off to a sexier, healthier MOMBOD!

If you're as excited as I am to try their services ASAP, you may call them at
(02)352-7876 / (02)384-5502
Mobile # 09178

For FREE consultation, visit their clinic at 102 Richwell Building Unit 203, Mezzanine Timog, Quezon City

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