Finally, NAIA Will Now Have GRABCAR

As a proud and a truly satisfied loyal GrabCar user for months now, I think they really did a fantastic job putting up something like this for commuters like me. I could not have been more impressed with the customer service, even if it's a bit pricey recently, I still highly recommend to use GrabCar to anyone.

I'm extra excited when recently NAIA opens the way to GrabCar and passengers will get the chance to have a hassle-free rides using GRAB , following its official accreditation with the airport management.
NAIA has more or less 1500 accredited vehicles either a combination of metered taxi, airport car, or rent-a-car.
But then again, even there are already a wide variety of accredited vehicles, there is still a need for them to have additional rides for the passengers. We often hear stories about being overly-charged by drivers, so NAIA is constantly finding solutions to these problems. They've already launched the premium buses recently that'll transport passengers from NAIA to North, Moa, and Makati. And now, passengers will have a worry-free ride, thanks to GRAB :)
The Manila International Airport Authority ( MIAA ) and GRAB, a Transport Network Company (TNC), signed an agreement in which allowing Grab drivers to pick up passengers from the 4 terminals of NAIA.
Both parties agree to have the start of operations last March 14. GRAB is the first TNC to be officially accredited by MIAA, allowing NAIA travellers to book GRABCars to travel to and from the airport.
There will be booths at designated areas at the terminals where booking agents will assist passengers.
Anyone will be able to book rides even without a smartphone or WIFI.
Multiple bookings can be made at the GRAB booths at any one time to cater to more travellers.
To better facilitate traffic, passengers and GRAB drivers will be prompted to proceed at the GRAB booths, which also serve as the pickup points at the arrival curbside areas.

Here are the pick-up locations :

TERMINAL 1 -- Main Arrival Curbside
TERMINAL 2 -- Inner Arrival Curbside between Bays 7 and 8
TERMINAL 3 -- Secondary Arrival Curbside between Bays 6 and 6

Facts :
The first year of this implementation of Grab Operations will be experimental and will be eventually assessing operations as they go through the months.
GrabCars will have no parking spaces inside NAIA , they will be allowed to enter the premises once the booking is confirmed.
GRABTaxi is still now allowed inside. Only Grabcar. Same rates apply.

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