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I remember my ex-boyfriend (now hubby) and I frequented Greenwich store a couple of times a week back then when we were still dating. When we went to the ultimate pizza party like no other recently held at their newest pizzeria in SM Center Angono, he reminded me about being quite addicted to their pearl coolers ( sweetcorn flavor ) and would buy that addicting concoction every after hospital duty. Years later, Greenwich is still our go-to for yummy pizzas and meals with a Pinoy touch , while reminiscing the good 'ol days.

If you'd like a proper pizza here in the Philippines, Greenwich is definitely the place to go. A not-so-fancy place and a completely the opposite of commercial glitz and glamour but with a cozy feel to it.
March may not be the National Pizza month, but one does not have to wait all year till the day comes to experience their wonderful creations.
My kids are massive pizza lovers, except for my second daughter (She's a Greenwich chicken meal fan though) so we always try and find an excuse to visit as often as possible.
The food is simply exquisite on every single visit, same as the price which is equally amazing and the service is always friendly, prompt and genuine.
The call time was 730pm for the media but I came around 9pm, I think and the bloggers were already halfway through their meals. I was not able to take photos of the food that much so I took photos of the place instead.
They reserved a seat for me, and just walked over expecting to be served. As I've mentioned earlier, they were prompt and friendly.
I was attended to immediately by the crew and quickly attended to my orders which I couldn’t wait to try and be hooked.
They've put much effort into the decor; it's one of the nicer Greenwich restaurants that I've seen around the city.
It's a small space, but doesn't feel tight. The walls are painted with earthly colors which I loved very much. Inspirational and witty quotes were all over some walls, complete with lively framed photos and knick knacks. There was an acoustic music in the background that made our stay even more relaxing.

What I love about this place is their see-through cooking area. Diners will have the full view on how their pizzas are made. My kids love this kind of concept. They enjoy watching the staff baking the pizza thoroughly.
I believe that when the cooks could see their customers, the food quality will be better.

 The star of the pizza party really was this enormous pizza. I seriously could not take my eyes off it. If only I could take this home with me, I would share this to homeless kids. 
Mayor Gerardo Calderon and Vice Mayor Engr. Antonio Rubin were also there to grace the event and have thoroughly enjoyed the night. They too were amazed by the giant pizza and the yummy meals served to them. He was one of the friendliest Mayors I've personally met.
Impressive raffle prizes were given out and a pizza-eating contest was conducted, which I was part of. Unfortunately, I could not eat pizza that much so the other team went home happy with their pizza-for-a-year cards.

Hawaiian Pizza Overload
 Greenwich offers you delicious food choices that have been prepared using high-quality ingredients and standards.  They are filled with a wide variety of mouth-watering selections – from pizzas, pastas, chicken, rice dishes to desserts - that will make any meal a delightful shared experience.
Some of those delightful meals during the Ultimate Pizza Party were:
You can get this for only 80 pesos in snack size

The Pizza's perfect partner
You can get this for only 119 for 4 pcs

CHOCO BANANA CRISP (Nutella lovers)
9" for only 99 pesos

A new surprising twist to fries in pepperoni flavor
You can get this for 29 pesos in regular size

Thi is so yummy! This is made with Nestle Blue Lemonade with pineapple bits

49 pesos
They also have this in choco flavor
By the way, do you already have your Greenwich Pizza Card? You can get a free Hawaiian Overload pizza if you use your March Ultimate Greencard Treats. 3 pizzas!!

Maybe John Lloyd will even deliver the pizza to you himself. SO what are you waiting for? Call 5-55-55 now!

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