Celebrating Everyday Greatness with #GreatTaste

How do you choose to be great?
Greatness indeed starts with the choices that we make and Great Taste believes that greatness is really not limited to big victories.
For me, I chose the best way to celebrate Greatness by being part of the Choose to be GREAT press launch, which also happens to be my special day also!

For them, to celebrate greatness is to consistently share to their consumers every milestone, every victory. And the launching was indeed a milestone event for URC, with humble beginnings of just selling peanuts but now making it GREAT around the world.
 They are said to be the largest Food and Beverages  Company listed in the stock market right now. Great Taste choose to be GREAT by always trying to bring the light not just to the Filipino consumers but the Asians as well. They stand proud of what they have become.  From game changer to innovators, Great Taste has given the Filipino consumers all their firsts in terms of the coffee experience for years now.
Great Taste Granules was their very first offering back in the 1980's, as well as the 3-in-1 mixes; along with the stand up pouch coffee powder. They also gave the consumers a first taste of WHITE coffee.
Great Taste has constantly introduces new and better ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. So everyone will always strive to not just be good and better but always the greatest.
From the choices we make and the risks we take, Greatness can thrive in any environment and Great Taste will always pay tribute to Pinoys' greatness.
Great Taste is one of URC's pride and joy, a heritage brand with a history of  excellence and innovation.
They will not stop from coming up with innovations because they believed in constantly moving up with the times so they may offer us a wide variety of product that will fit us.
And as they continue to help bring out the greatness in every Filipino, Great Taste Coffee also introduces a new endorser to join its journey of serving even greater experiences to its loyal consumers.

“We are very pleased to have John Lloyd Cruz as the latest addition to the Great Taste family. As our endorser, we believe he will reinforce our values and philosophy with the same kind of passion and greatness that he has exemplified in his life,” said Universal Robina Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Lance Gokongwei.

 During the event, media guests were treated to an exclusive preview of Great Taste Coffee’s newest campaign featuring John Lloyd Cruz. The new campaign captures the respect and admiration that he and the brand have for Pinoy’s greatness.

John Lloyd : "I'm really happy that all my hardwork and passion in what I do lead me to being the endorser of this GREAT brand. And to be associated with Great Taste is truly GREAT. A big task but if I'm sharing the same vision as them, it's not work eh. It's all fun and enjoyment. I'm proud to be part of their family." 

Like Great Taste Coffee and John Lloyd Cruz, Filipinos can achieve greatness—from small triumphs, to great milestones.
Choose to be great with Great Taste Coffee, available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide

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