#Honasan is Pro-Life and Religious Groups' VP Bet

Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan has gained the support of pro-life groups for his bid to become the next Vice President of the Philippines, less than two weeks before the national elections.

This was announced by the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) after Buhay and Ang Pro-Life party-list groups signified their support for Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay and running mate, Sen. Honasan.

Buhay is the party-list group of the religious organization El Shaddai. UNA also confirmed that the Binay-Honasan tandem also got the endorsements of Christian Discipleship Formation Center (CFDC), Cebu-based Citizens for Life, and some 50 Islamic religious leaders from Mindanao.
I was not surprised when I heard this news especially after I got to know Honasan as a family man during a media roundtable interview I attended recently.
Prior to the said event, I am one of those who would think a bit negatively every time I hear his name. He’s been associated with the words rebellion and coup d’etat as he played a key role in the historic 1986 EDSA Revolution.

However, I came to know Sen. Gringo as different man far from the image I have in mind for years. Aside from being a loving husband, he is a very hands-on father and grandfather.

I can’t help but think that the senator is a vampire, doesn't age at all because he looks so young for a grandfather and his features is almost just like how he was a few decades ago. While looking at him as he answers the questions from fellow bloggers, I was even tempted to ask what his secret is for staying young. Well, maybe because he has one happy family always supporting him all the way.
Honasan is God-fearing and almost became a priest when he was younger. But he was destined to be a soldier. “I always promote peace and unity because it will bring a better future,” he emphasized.
One of the reasons why he is running for higher office is that he wants to lead this country and show that we can change for the better. He said, “The job of leaders is to teach the people, not give what they want.”

And this belief might have captured the attention of different many pro-life and religious groups that give their seal of approval to Honasan.

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