Movies for MAY 2016 :)

First of all, sorry for such a delayed update. Just like any blogger, I couldn’t get myself together to write on occasion.

There were times I would just sit and stare at my laptop for hours and still unable to write.
The fact is, my mind had been filled with both anxiety and anticipation. For the past weeks, I have been swamped with events and LIFE and I wanted to be put already on hiatus for awhile. Still LIFE has been good to me, thankful and really can't complain.
 I'm holding on and very much looking forward to a week of celebration, renewal and a little R and R with the family and a week is enough for me to get back on my feet again.
The month of MAY is extra special to me. Almost everyone in my family and friends will be celebrating on this particular month. Furthermore, 2 of my most anticipated movies will be shown this month as well!
And so, without further delay, I present to you the movies for this wonderful month of MAY (my month). The movie schedule may adjust depending on the movie distributor.
Oh, by the way, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms (and the dads too) out there!


MAY 11

MAY 18

MAY 25

May 28-29 SM Family Day

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