Klassikal Music Foundation Scholars Sing Love Songs From Great Films #SongsFromASilverWorld

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to get into theater.

That dream started when my school held an audition to be part of a stage play to be conducted by a famous director all the way from Taiwan. The audition went well and I got in. I was in grade 5. I really thought that dream will lead towards a legendary career on Broadway.
Music was the language of my soul. Although I'm not an expert in creating lyrics from notes, music makes my heart and mind peaceful nonetheless.

There was something in me reassuring me that performing on stage was my destiny. Apparently my mother firmly believed so too. But I never found my courage. The courage to go on.
Dreams sometimes end in bitter frustration. With constant wondering of what might have been if I'd had the courage to proceed.
But as heavenly voices filled the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza last May 7, for the fundraising concert of Klassikal Music Foundation (KMF) entitled "Songs from a Silver World, thoughts of putting new life to my dreams filled my half empty heart. Maybe there is still hope for my big break. Maybe there is still chance for me after knowing that the foundation is still looking for scholars. My hubby even told me that it's the perfect place for me. That maybe, the universe is providing sort of a light to shine down on my path and giving me the courage to pursue my dreams once more.

So, anyway, the showcase line-up included popular songs in film, which I loved very much.
It was staged and directed by baritone Andrew Fernando and choreographed by Richardson Yadao, the repertoire included music from thrillers, James Bond movies, Italian Cinema, Disney, Oscar-winning songs, and other iconic tunes from the silver screen.
The singers were all scholars, and the foundation was the brainchild of Dr. George T. Yang, the man behind Mcdonald's Philippines. Did you know that he just learned to sing during his senior year when people were already retiring? There's no such thing as too late. He's already a 70-year-old opera singer.
He decided to give back whatever blessing he received, not only with his success in business, but also nurturing his interest in singing. So he wanted the KMF to be a supporter of young people, mostly voice students studying at different colleges of music as they embark on their respective careers.
Through KMF and his financial contributions, the hope to achieve big locally and internationally could finally come true. In fact, some of the scholars were already in the path towards success.
The scholars were chosen carefully and once they've been accepted as scholars, they have to maintain academic grades with a particular level of excellence, especially in the filed of singing.
One of the opportunities they offer their talents, not only for financial contribution to their tuition, would be the opportunity to perform, like what we have witnessed that night.
Those were after all students but after seeing them perform on stage, I believe now that they are already accomplished professionals.
Among the distinguished performers during the event were Ms. Rachelle Gerodias, the country's Premier Soprano, and Gerphil Flores, a KMF scholar who gave pride to the Philippines after placing 2nd runner-up on Asia's Got Talent in 2015.
Young actor and McDonald's endorser Alden Richards also graced the stage and performed an inspirational segment (Wherever You Will Go) to the delight of the KMF scholars and the audience.

To date, Klassikal Music Foundation has supported close to 50 scholars. It continuously aims to help in the development and appreciation of local classical music by giving scholarships to deserving classical music students who otherwise cannot afford to continue their study of the very specialized field of music.
The other members of the artistic staff include Herminigildo Ranera for music direction and John Batalla for light design. Dr. George T. Yang, Dr. Raul Sunico, Ms. Shirley Bangayan, Ms. Rosalinda Orosa, Ms. Lily Monteverde, and Ms. Rachelle Gerodias compose the board members of the foundation.

All proceeds of the showcase will go to the scholarship fund.

More photos from the event :

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