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I remember my very first try of playing in a Laser Tag Arena was when I was still in grade school. I lacked significant experience of any form of shooting game and anything related to that really wasn’t my thing.
Not a single person would have described me as active (I used to be), but I was initially persuaded by the cousins and that I should be enjoying any sport such as this.
During my first game, I struggled the first few minutes and worried that I won't be able to all. I was already on the verge of giving up but I decided to just go on and managed to enjoy the rest of the game.
So, when I got an invite to try out this Laser Tag Arena LAZER MAXX located at Eton Centris near Trinoma, I did not hesitate at all. The laser tag skill may already be a bit rusty now but not totally lacking with excitement as this kind of game will give you some sort of rush.

This fast paced shooting game is quite easy, if you only know how to play it well. Fear of the unknown has to be one of the reasons, and yet once you're in the dark, it can actually be quite an awesome experience.

If you're considering playing the Laser Tag Game and on the point of becoming the LazerMaxx master, these tips and tricks may help you on your progress :
  • Make sure to put on your vest properly. The tighter, the better because the arena is not all flat. It may be unsafe for you and your group. 
  • Make use of the things you will see on your surroundings to nail your opponents. Beat your opponent at every turn by using walls to your advantage.
  • It is true that you must wear dark-colored outfit. My white sneakers reacted and stood out to black light and I became an easier target. 
  • You must hold the laser with both hands at all times. It contains a censor that must be covered with your other hand. If you don't cover with your hand, if you squeeze the trigger, it won't activate, and you'll be a walking target.
  • Stay low as much as possible. It should give you the greatest protection. 
  • Firing at speed is better than taking the time to aim perfectly. 
  • Aim your laser towards your opponent's light and it will be disabled for a short period of time. It will make a noise when you shot an opponent. Make sure to aim at the front to get 200 points. 
  • Hydrate a lot! You will be so tired and thirsty from all the moves and action, even if it only takes 15 minutes play time. 
  • Have Fun! The secret really is to have fun with the family and friends :)
Follow these rules of the game and you're good to go!
  • NO running
  • NO climbing on walls or scenery
  • NO physical contact
  • NO lying or sitting on the floor to avoid accidents
  • NO inappropriate language
What I love about Lazer Maxx in Centris, it is an arena designed with your favorite characters like civil war and XMEN and your playtime is more fun-filled and exciting. This May, Lazer Maxx laser tag arena offers 20% off on a single game every Monday to Thursday, and 30% off for groups of 20 players and up, as a part of their Lazer War promo.
They are open to players of all ages and each arena can accommodate up to 24 participants per game that can lasts for about 15 minutes. The whole place is set in a two-floor arena with obstacles where players can hide and chase their opponents.

They can also bring the Laser tag experience to you in a customized indoor/outdoor arena complete with inflatable bases, lights and sound system and seven sets of vests and guns per team. The venue of the outside game will be the client’s preference, whether it be at a garden, a covered court or even just a spacious room.
I've already visited their arena with my kids and in-laws at their Greenhills branch, just above the badminton area. 
I highly recommend you to try out Laser tagging at Lazermaxx because it is not just all fun, it also helps you and your kiddos build team work, strong camaraderie and at the same time, gives the kids great physical activity and challenge.
It’s quite addictive,seriously. 
If only we could play multiple times a week because my kids had a tremendous amount of fun the last time and we just can't wait to experience fun at LazerMaxx again.

Walk-in customers are welcome but reservations are recommended especially on weekends. Standard rates are Php 190.00 per head on weekdays (Monday-Thursday, 12nn-9pm) and Php 220.00 on weekends (Friday-Sunday, 10am-10pm).
For inquiries and reservations, contact Lazer Maxx at 584-5958 for Greenhills and 441-1958 for Eton Centris Walk. 
You may also access online at and

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