Press Release : Sm Woman's Stylish Leisure Wear

These are clothes described as “après sport” or “gym to office”, basic pieces that are smart, lightweight, frill free, and sometimes even architectural.
And designers and retailers are have created a lot of buzz about “athleisure” collections, which are appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits.

Leisure wear is everything casual and comfortable in a woman’s wardrobe, usually consisting of loose fitting garments made of breathable fabrics like cotton or nylon.

For the woman on the go, leisurewear is a practical solution for running errands or exercising.

But just because it’s casual doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.
And SM Woman takes a minimalist spin to leisurewear; with simple, easy, and practical separates.

Photographed against the modern architectural façade of One Esplanade, these are pieces that show the softer side of minimalism with the use of soft, breezy fabrics, staple knits, and a neutral, monochromatic color palette.
A subtle hint of soft pastels here and there, gives the overall silhouette an urban, contemporary edge.

SM Woman’s top hits: high-neck sleeveless knits, cropped tops, asymmetrical hem shirts, boxy blouses, and flattering tunics.
Cool culottes and cropped pants will make any ensemble look simply chic, while sleek long vests jazz up even the simplest of outfits.
Keep accessories and sole choices to a minimum to maintain the fluidity of the whole look.

Shot on location at One Esplanade, the latest SM Woman separates are available at The SM Store.

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