Who Will Vie For Top Spot in Wish FM 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge?

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of WISH FM 107 5's Ultimate Fandom Challenge, part of it is recognizing finally the people behind the success of every successful artists. Through this fandom challenge, they were able to see how solid they are and how their artists loved them back.
These fans, with all their quirks and flaws, have managed to become an essential pillar of every successful artist – because really, what artist wouldn't want a group of hundreds (or even thousands) of followers to help become more popular and achieve the greatest heights of success?
Currently, fans everywhere are changing how they express their support and spend their time and money. They’re really capable of developing an emotional, long-term attachment to their beloved artists.
When they held the WISH Music Awards last January at Araneta Coliseum, they were amazed and impressed on how the fans responded. It was overwhelming. It is said that it is difficult for an award-giving body to hold a festivity in a huge place such as Araneta as it is required for a massive number of attendees, thus making of the ultimate fandom.
The artist's impact towards their fans is truly huge. Being a fan allows you to feel deep emotional investment in something that has no actual real-world consequences. Just like in sports, there is no guarantee of always ending up in good news. But still grateful and satisfying in deciding to be a fan. 
During a recently held press conference of WISH FM 107 5, where the survivors met with bloggers and member of the media at Vagabonds Restaurant, Quezon City, I was able to learn more about the whole idea of their Ultimate Fandom Challenge. 

So, how can you be included in this fandom challenge?
The fandom should be recognized by the record label and also by their artists as well,with an album to be released on or before June 20. One fandom should have at least 1000 members. You see, there are lots of new artists and budding fandom, it's not easy to determine which is which.
The first ever fandom was held at Love Desserts last April 7,2012 and the 12 fandom leaders were able to know more about each other's artists.
A third fandom meeting was also held at Vagabonds last May 2,2016 and it included #Darrenatics of Darren Espanto; #Darylnatics of Daryl Ong; #Francisnatics of Francis Ryan Lim; #Juanistas of The Juans ; #Mowienatics of Morissette Amon; #Karlosnatics of Juan Karlos Labajo. An elimination round challenges were held from May 25 to recent. One of the challenges was the Twitter Trending Battle which ran for 6 hours.
Last April 25 , The Juanistas got the top spot with 43k tweet and it was the Darrenatics who got the highest tweets with 224k last May 15, in which also was included on the 8th spot at the World Wide Trend of Twitter for several hours.

After over two weeks of intense battle, the recently named top contenders of the first Wish 107 5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge are now gearing up for the competition’s final round.
The event was attended by The Juans whose fandom, “Juanista,” made it to the final four.
RnB star Daryl Ong and young crooner Francis Lim also graced the event. Darylnatics and Francisnatics, their respective fandoms, are two of the three Fandom Survivors who are vying to be the 4th, 5th and 6th runners-up.
The faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University’s Department of Mathematics served as the official tabulating partner.
Apart from another round of online voting and Twitter trending battles, the remaining fandom will go through a set of more intense challenges for the competition’s final stage. This includes an adventure race and a special collaboration with their favorite artist to be judged by prominent figures in the industry.

For the Power Viewing Challenge that will start from May 18 to June 20 (10%), fandom will visit the Youtube and will repeatedly watch their artists' videos because they believed it can help their artists' popularity. They will be taping several activities, composing videos of the artists together with their fandom. Each Fandom must organize a meet-and-greet gathering with their artist and the performance of the artist during the event will be released by Wish 107 5 Wishclusive video.

Album Sales or physical presence is also vital as part of the final round as they will measure the album sales during the culmination night and the attendance of the fandom.

What they did last year for their WISHDEPENDENCE DAY, at around 200 random wishers from their WISH FM listeners were treated with a free tour at Enchanted Kingdom and did a sort of Amazing Race challenge , followed with a concert at the end of the day. This time, it is the fandom that will shine.
The final round will run from May 21 to June 20 and the culmination night will be held at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum where a total of Php 2.3 million will be given away to the winning fandom, their artists and chosen beneficiaries. 35% of their winnings will be donated to their chosen charities,while 35% will go to the fandom and the last 30% will go to the artist. Everyone will get their share. The collaboration performances is set at 3 to 5minutes long only.

There will be sectioning and everything is color-coded. Wish FM encourages the fandom to wear the respective colors of their artists.
When it comes to number of seats, there will be assigned number of seats for the fandom.
1500 tickets will be allotted for the final four and the WISH fandom survivors will be allotted with 900 tickets each.
The challenge’s final four is composed of #Darrenatics, #Juanistas, #Dyfenders and #Mowienatics. Juan Karlos United Families Club is also included in the Fandom Survivors.

For updates, please visit http://www.wish1075.com/

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