Feast on Friday Dinner Buffet at Richmonde Cafe in Ortigas

If you're searching for the best dinner buffet places in town, why not go hunt around Ortigas area, as it offers an incredible variety of restaurants, hotels and cafes to suit every taste and occasion, without breaking the bank.
One place I can suggest to you is Richmonde Café, the all-day dining restaurant of Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, that recently joins the T.G.I.F. celebration by offering us dwellers of the metro’s concrete jungle a convenient and relaxing venue, away from the maddening crowd.
Now, we can cap off the weekend with friends and colleagues, over a scrumptious buffet, wine, and drinks, right in the heart of Ortigas Center’s business district.
You can indulge in a mouthwatering array of international dishes, action stations for a la minute cooking, and refreshing drinks at the FEAST ON FRIDAY DINNER BUFFET,
served from 6pm to 9pm, for only PhP 750nett per person. They serve their breakfast there everyday from 6am to 10.
For lunch, it is from Mondays to Fridays 11am to 2pm.

From soup and appetizer to carving, main course and desserts, you can have your fill of unlimited gastronomic pleasures which now come with bottomless iced tea and select juices, plus even 50% discount on wine bottle orders!

We had a chance to try their regular spread of Friday sumptuous buffet offerings during the bloggers event and I must say, they never disappoint.
They have 2 interactive kitchen : One is the show kitchen where they cook their pasta, do their carving and sometimes they have the grill station located on that spot.

This is a house special salad but you can always opt for the regular salad with the basic dressings, just make a request to Chef Michelle and she will make one for you. 

This is a thick soup with a very long process to make it great. If you have allergies, executive Chef Jesse Factor advised not to have a taste as the richness of seafood like crab fat (aligue), shrimps, plus she includes a special ingredient to take out the "lansa" of the fish taste.
Tomatoes were added so it was kind of sour and shrimps to make it salty, and finishes it off with butter to gloss it and cream that balances everything out.
This is not the regular soup however. They have a cycle and changes every Friday. But they are trying to make it as international as possible

One of their best-sellers. They sell the product at their booth located at their lobby.
All their breads are made at Richmonde Cafe. They don't purchase anything from outside. 

Chef June is Chef Jesse's co-kitchen and she asked him to help her fix up the dinner that night. He made this Spanish Sardines with pickled onions.

They try to get away from mayonnaise since its summer because of the heaviness content so she makes it as fresh as possible and vinaigrette is her number 1 choice

 One of the pastry chefs in Richmonde Cafe is Chef Angel. She takes care of the fruits, desserts,  halo-halo station and the rest of the sweets.
She also did this yummy soft chewy cookies that they will be launching soon



They also offer all-you-can drink juices

For the main :)
 It has sorts of seafood like mussels, shrimps, fish and used 
Arborio rice and put a tomato-based with saffron , Spanish paprika and also chorizo.

Blanching all together the zucchini , cauliflower , broccoli, carrots, Baguio beans, then they were sauteed in butter
Real chateau potato should have seven sides. It is considered to be the most expensive potato because of the meticulous preparation of making the shape of the said potato

Aromatic Indian chicken dish. They cooked the chicken altogether with olive oil,Marsala , salt pepper, Cardamom

Marinated the MAHI-MAHI in salt, pepper, olive oil with lemon then pan-seared. The sauce is crab fat with cream. 

Marinated the beef in salt, pepper, paprika, pan-seared then used the mushroom sauce used Demi glace while reducing the mushroom
Rouladin is a very famous polish dish. A beef striploin that sliced really really thinly then pounded it well and inserted a pickle and roll it back again and then seared it and put in a beef broth with different types of mushroom with it.
When the beef is cooked, they take it out, take the broth , reduced it some more and add some demi glace with it
Your typical Asian BBQed pork that was blanched with the actual marinate of the pork. They grilled the pork after taking out the blanching period and then put inside the oven with the sauces in it again
The hot mains usually consist of 8 dishes on Fridays but during the weekdays at lunch, you'll get 10 dishes.
They also have Dimsum. Different kinds of it. For breakfast, they serve vegetable, pork , Siomai, fish, shrimp. They different variations for lunch. Steamed baked mussels, Taosi, and the rest.
For the pasta station, they offer fettuccine, spaghetti, and more.
They have chicken ravioli on spinach and cheese  tortellini (Bleu cheese, Parmesan, Cheddar)with a hint of garlic butter and parsely. The tortellini goes well with cream sauce. If you've been to Yellow Cab and your favorite is Charlie Chan Chicken pasta, they also came up with their version of the same pasta.

On the grill, they have mixed seafood, pork, chicken, beef..

And because Friday coupled with another happy occasion means double the merriment, Richmonde Café gives you even more reasons to hold them within its cozy and inviting space with first-rate service.

If you’re one of the lucky companies featured for the month, you can treat them to dinner and get 30% off on the buffet rate for a minimum of 6 persons.
Or maybe you can just invite your officermates for some well-deserved unwinding and go Dutch, especially if it’s “Payday Friday".
Plus, there’s no need to end the night early because just a few steps away is Richmonde Hotel’s The Exchange where you can continue to drink up and party while the bar’s talented resident band, Big Bash, performs your favorite tunes from the 70’s and 80’s.

But wait!
As a special treat for my dear Stuckwith3 readers, you will be given a 25% discount on Friday Dinner Buffet rates when you dine in with a minimum of 4 persons. Just use the promo code: SW3xRHO, upon reservation (promo is until the end of JUNE only).
And if you happen to dine with a friend who’s celebrating his/her birthday, for a minimum of 4 persons, the celebrator gets to DINE FOR FREE!
And they’ll even get a special cake so they can blow the candle and make a wish. Isn't that the sweetest? :)

So what are you waiting for?
Make a booking now or inquire about the latest promos, all Richmonde Hotel Ortigas at (632) 638-7 7 77 or contact Room Reservations direct at (632) 6893411.
Booking online is also easy via Richmonde Hotel Onigas’ very own booking engine with guaranteed best rates at http://www.richmondehotels.com.ph/hotel/richmonde-hotel-ortigas

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