What's New : The Angry Birds Happy Meal Toys From Mcdonald's #McdoHappyMeal

Earlier today, a delivery came and my kids received a huge box from LBC. I somehow already knew what the package was, for they sent me an email prior to delivery.
The package was from Mcdonald's - giving us a first-hand glimpse of their newest Happy Meal toys, plus an invite to a special "sneak beak" of the Angry Birds movie on May 14.

Beginning May 11 next week, McDonald’s will be releasing their new Happy Meal toys -- The Angry Birds collection!
As expected, these are sure to be a big hit among the children and Happy Meal toy collectors.
Honestly, me and my kids love collecting Happy Meal toys every now and then. I'm really glad Mcdonald's sent these to us!
Are you already familiar with the Angry Birds characters? I'm not! I did a little research of their names, and here goes :
I'm not sure if this is Hal or the Mighty Dragon, but I think this is the Mighty Dragon.
It attacks by flying in a loop, pushing anything in its path, and creates a small earthquake, shaking the fortress to eliminate any missed Pigs.
Chuck, the Yellow Bird, can destroy wood very well, can shatter some glass, but cannot destroy stone. Chuck is using his speed up ability after being slingshot.
While Red Bird is the main protagonist in the Angry Birds series. He is the first bird to play with. He is also the leader of the Flock. He can be used to finish off areas that have been weakened by other birds. He is good for starters.
Terence, the Big Brother Bird becomes a giant maroon summer tanager and his two wrinkles on his forehead are longer. His immense size makes him a veritable wrecking ball to the Pigs' fortresses.
Stella is a pink round bird with three pink plume feathers on top of her head, blue eyes with eyelashes and a short yellow beak. Likes to blows bubbles, she may be a young member of The Flock. She shows signs of being childish, but also very cunning, as she quickly thwarts the pigs' plans before they can launch them.
Can't wait to get my hands on 5 more Angry Birds Happy Meals toys to be given next week!
Don't forget also to try their newest Angry Birds Mcflurry! Flavors are Piggies' Oreo Matcha McFlurry with Bomb's Black Sesame McDip and Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry, available only this summer :)

Source : Wikia Angry Birds

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