Give mom the gift of ageless beauty from Helix-D

This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of ageless beauty with Helix-D, a revolutionary line of beauty products that will make her look younger and more beautiful without surgery or expensive therapy sessions!

Treat your mother to daily at-home pampering sessions with Helix-D Face Serum.
Especially formulated to provide excellent skin hydration and antioxidant protection, she will instantly feel refreshed as the face serum works to even out her skin tone, reduce wrinkles and treat skin blemishes.

Brighten her loving peepers with a good amount of Helix-D Eye Serum. The gentle yet potent blend of active ingredients in the eye serum helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet, lighten dark circles and reduce eye puffiness. It also increases the firmness of the skin around the eyes and improves skin texture.

Helix-D combines potent ingredients with advanced scientific technologies to address skin aging problems fast and effectively. It contains power peptides, matrikines, antioxidants, water-magnet skin hydrators, skin soothers, and skin smoothers. Its dual liposome technology protects the full potency of its active ingredients until they come in contact with the skin. It also uses Double Helix-D Delivery System (DHDS) to protect active ingredients from being neutralized by the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and Low Polar Friction-Free Delivery System (LFDS) to deliver active ingredients into the targeted areas of the skin.

Dr. Richard Wells, one of the skin science experts behind Helix-D explains, “All skincare serums lose as much as 40% in efficacy when the active ingredients get in contact with the carrier.  Helix D’s scientifically advanced delivery system ensures we get 100% in every pump.  This technology cannot be found in any other product.”

A true breakthrough product, Helix-D rejuvenates the skin from the very first application and builds stronger action with constant use. It is free of coloring agent and wrinkle-filler unlike most cosmetic products that promise “instant result” by simply masking the skin imperfections.

With the powerful ingredients, safe formulation and advanced, patented technologies of Helix-D, your mom can experience a dramatic transformation. She’ll be younger looking, more beautiful and more confident.

Get Helix-D Face Serum and Helix-D Eye Serum at the beauty section of the SM Store in SM Makati, SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM North Edsa today.

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