#MakeGoodChoices for #HapPINAs with Ministop's RTE Meals

In line with the much anticipated Halalan 2016, Ministop, in partnership with CocaCola, launched HapPINAS, a public service campaign that encourages all of us PINOYS to pursue a happier Pilipinas, at the Le Grand Tower 2 in Eastwood City.

(We actually had a hard time locating the place eventhough Eastwood city had been our go-to for our late night walks.)

Big decisions like finding the right leader for this country can be agonizingly difficult. But we are fortunate that companies like Ministop and CocaCola are always right behind us, constantly reminding to choose wisely for a happier Philippines.
To make good choices not only during election season, a sort of mock election was held and they actually let us experience on how to choose happiness everyday during the unveiling of Ministop's new line of R-T-E meals with refreshing coca cola drinks.
They handed out forms  like this, where we needed to shade the circle for us to make good choices. 
In many ways, our everyday choices can reflect what we prefer and are accorded to us. Good choices mean good value, good food, and of course, good leadership.
When it comes to food, Coke bundles possessed the things that you and I look for.

From April 11 to June 5, RTE offerings under "Good Choices" will come with Coca-Cola products. Ministop is guarantedd to bring happiness with its various RTE selections.
This has something to do with seeking out for the perfect leader. One must have the ability to provide solutions to our needs. Just like in Ministop.

When you're out, in a hurry, and need a quick stop, Ministop always provide the solution.
For a hunger quick fix, choose the BUNDLE 1 , where you can have a 1 piece or a 2 -piece chicken meal with a coke 500ml.

The leader we are looking for is someone who is rich in experience and has a substantial platform.
Again, Ministop BUNDLE 2 provides that. Very rich and "malaman". It has the Jumbo Siopao with Minute Maid in 250 ml.

Seek someone who is relatable, is within reach, and accessible jusy like Ministop's BUNDLE 3 that is truly "abot-kayang meal". It includes a hotdog with a bun and a 250ml Coke.

And lasty, because we know HapPINAS is for everyone, and has a majority's best interests at heart, Ministop has the perfect Coke HapPINAS bundle that includes Uncle John's fried Chicken of 6 with a 1.5 l of coke. And for every bucket of 10, an ECO bag will also be included.

You need to visit any Ministop branch on MAY 9, for the second phase of Coca-Cola's campaign, they will be giving out FREE Coke Mismos with HapPINAS design for the first 50 customers who already voted. 
I had the chance of taking these bundles home with me so everyone, from manong driver, to my kids, can equally enjoy the goodness of Ministop's offerings.
I tried the Bicol express and I loved it! It's like I was eating the authentic one all the way from Bicol. We also had the lasagna and it's the best. I could not believe at first that they provide yummy meals like this at their stores. Super sulit!
Other toppers are Hot chix, burger steak, and spring rolls. They will continue to produce more choices but depending on the season.

They also offer KARIMAN that has originated all the way from Ministop Japan. It is coated with Crispy Japanese crumbs with different fillings like Tuna, Ham and cheese, pizza supreme, chicken ala king.
I asked them if they seasoned their french fries with chicken crumbs because it was so tasty. No ketchup was needed. This product is new on their menu but already my favorite as well. Already good on its own.
CHILLZ is my favorite drink in Ministop. They have different flavors like Great taste white, raspberry, and my recent favorite - Cloud9.
We also had Ministop's MYSUNDAE in strawberry cream. All I can say is that the texture is really creamy and super soft. I'm recommending it to everyone.

Ministop will continue to expand quality RTE meals and product innovations. SO watch our for it.
Coca-Cola ambassadors Bailay May and Ylona AKA #BAILONA were also present during the launch. 

The upcoming elections will now be less than a week, so make the good choice for the future of HapPINAS. 
Also,choose happiness everyday by choosing Ministop's quality RTE meals paired with Coca-Cola products. 

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